Chocolate smoothie 

Ingredients Milk    1 cup or 235 ml Bananas      2 Dates          3 Cocoa powder      1 ½ tablespoons or 11 g Butter          1 tbsp or 14 g Vanilla extract      5 ml Ice cubes …

Healthy Lifestyle

5 drinks to burn fat 

Are you worried about weight gain? Here are 5 drinks that are super effective for shedding fat and promoting weight loss. So, stop worrying and start drinking. Warm water and lemon Warm water and lemon aids in boosting metabolism . As lemons contain vitamin C,…


Cheese Soufflé 

Ingredients:      6 servings Flour    ½ cup or 60 g Butter    5 tbsp or 60 g Milk      2 cups or 450 ml Salt         1 tsp or 5 g Paprika     ½ tsp or 3 g Ground black…



Cheese is a dairy product produced from milk by coagulation of milk protein known as casein. It is available in different flavors and texture. According to an estimate, more than 1800 different types of cheese are available. Each type of cheese possess unique flavor and…

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